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The people that write me generally don’t have Italian citizenship or a viable way to live here legally.

Though even the ones that struggle to find regular work or match their fantasy of a place with the realities of day to day life.

Though this isn’t about that, it’s about I’m talking about the ones that come with moving to an idyllic Renaissance city that people love so so much, that’s you Florence.

You come across as so perfect, a city centered around gelato stop and instagram-worthy snapshots from , an ever-growing cosmopolitan dream wrapped in up in a Renaissance dream .

I advise people to enroll in an Italian language school, stay for six months or a year and see if this is really the place you see yourself long term.

When it comes to tourism, we’re looking at up to 6.8 million for overnight stays (source: La Nazione, 2015) and who knows how many come just for the day, from cruise ships, don’t register their presence.Most of us have other jobs and the blog is mainly a passion.Also people underestimate how important emotional support is when moving abroad.As I mentioned before, there are only so many jobs to be had, and people who have lived here all of their life have trouble finding anything that pays over 1,000 euros a month.You’re an optimist, I get it, who am I to take the sequins off your cape of happiness?

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