Advantages of using radiocarbon dating dating site answers

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Michelangelo used this technique as part of his trademark 'outlining' of his central figures within his frescoes.

In a wall-sized fresco, there may be ten to twenty or even more giornate, or separate areas of plaster.

By throwing out electrons you produce charged particles called ions. We are surrounded by background radiation all of the time!However, fortunately, our body can withstand low level radiation without ill effects because it is able to repair any damage.Gamma rays are capable of passing deep inside the body and damage cells on their travels. The idea is to aim accurately at these cells with the correct strength.A technique used in the popular frescoes of Michelangelo and Raphael was to scrape indentations into certain areas of the plaster while still wet to increase the illusion of depth and to accent certain areas over others.The eyes of the people of the School of Athens are sunken-in using this technique which causes the eyes to seem deeper and more pensive.

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