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There was a really hot dude here today with a fucking nice, big dick. The cruising area in the front of the park is ruined. Although Collins Park is not on the campus, it is right in the shadow of the FS campus. The biking and running is great and there are a ton of places to go for some 'cross-training' without drawing atte... I used to find consistent action at this restroom years back before it was all restored.

Go up University Avenue past Cumnock Hall and take your first right at the stoplight. I was at the beach one night around 11 and there was a naked girl riding her man in the front seat of a white SUV right across... I have seen a straight couple (man and woman) fucking on a picnic bench.

Addendum to review posted Saturday, March 9: Although I did not find the experience for which I was looking, I did find that this shop had one of the most extensive offerings of movies and Adult Toys ... This is a cruisy toilet where guys regularly jack it at the urinals and in the larger stalls. Park by the vending machines, get out and walk towards the back of building. Take a right, then your first left which will be Henry Street. The 'enviromental police' are giving everyone 0 tickets if you are here without a boat attached to your car. There is a trailhead on the right that goes out towards power lines. If you can duck the trolls you can usually find a hot guy, especially if you like black or Latin men. I have gone here and there is a very large wooded area next to the ballparks.

Got lost in RI and popped out on Route 1 right at the light in front of this store. Plastic stall walls have been replaced with steel so all gloryholes have been removed. They are in the company of regular police in case they catch you doing something... Head to the rocky hill on the left of the main trail, about a quarter mile from the road. The first is up in the woods above the first parking lot on the right as you dr... Cars in the parking lot next to the ballfields are asking to be busted by local cops, but if you park along the road and w...

Followed them, gave signals I wanted to suck them off but no takers and I am an in shape, good-looking Portuguese guy with a big uncut dick.... Sucked off a bunch of guys, took one guy up the ass, had a little threesome action, and even more guys wanting some as I was winding down. Olsen Hall is open 24 hours a day so the students can get in there to use the labs on the third floor. The highway rest area attracts all sorts of people and many cute young guys. Nahant Beach is on the same stretch but is usually dead at night and not very well lit, more discrete than the L... First of all, that's all the way at the other end of the Lynnway at the Saugus bridge.

There are no security guards and the large spacious bathrooms on the fifth and sixth floors go mo... Second, there is a community watch keeping an eye out from the Starbuc...

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