Artsy online dating

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The caption can be poetic, descriptive or completely unrelated to your image. Should you like a canvas, you’ll be asked to write a critique.

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They should both prove your primary shot isn't a fluke, and illustrate other aspects of your life. You don't want someone to click through your pictures and go, "Wow ... And if you do have to use a great shot from the 00's, cop to it and put the date in the picture's caption.Maybe you'll engage in a steady stream of short-term, non-committed, sexually-driven encounters as a few of my friends did.Or maybe, like me, you'll just have a nice time and meet some interesting people (okay, fine, I know what you're thinking -- yes, of course I'm envious of those friends...).Or she’s lying down in a dimly lit room with her head tilted to the side.Well, guys, beware: I have found that women who put artsy pictures up are hiding what they really look like.

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