Autocad electrical title block not updating

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The assembly code edit box remains blank – no value held in the ASSEMBLYCODE field for the selected catalog part number.

Just create a new entry in the parts database that has the two subassembly codes separated by a semicolon (;) character.Exit the dialog with OK and the ASSYCODE attribute on the symbol now carries the new combined value. Using the example above, let’s say we need to double the quantities of Sub-A and Sub-B and triple the quantities reported for the Sub-C entry above.Edit the current value of “&AB1234;&C1234” to “2,&AB1234;3,&C1234”.The catalog number “1234” is pulled from the part lookup database record and populates the “Cat” edit box in the Insert/Edit dialog.The record’s assembly code, entered as “&A1234”, lands in the Assemblycode edit box.

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