Dating an exboyfriend

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I also don't seem to understand is feeling the need to announce to his "friends" where we've been, what we had during our dinner date. So after almost two months of courtship and a week in the relationship, i called it quits. I really do not want to move forward with this relationship, I know the outcome already! I'm a libra woman been in relationship With male cancer for 4 years I'm so miserable.You just described my exhusband of 13yrs and my exboyfriend of 8yrs. I've tried to dump him numerous times but finally Succeeded ......She forms a huge inferiority complex, which puts pressure on her, causing her to deeply worry about this.Libra woman almost never initiates divorce: she is infinitely basting in her options for addressing the problem and sees no way out.He's extremely attractive, cocky, opinionated , Sensitive, loving, possessive and clingy. sometimes I want to escape his pinching claws but he pulls me in closer!I have been dating a cancer man for 1 yr 7 mnt I am 17 nw and he is 20 At first he ws really sweet and adorable I found myself deeply into him ..Otherwise, he loves that I make good money and get compliments.i dated a cancer that was unhappily married,it started so fast he professed his love to me made me fall hard he was so perfect id never believe it would ever happen that smile charm his love for me talk about kids together i was and still in love was,nt long before he cut all ties and have,nt heard from him love is strong and sweet libra woman will fall to his feet and for his sake you'll give all and nothing take and next thing you know you wait for him but he's nowhere because now he retreats.

he has this time around turned my whole life right side up yes he's controlling... I love him with all my heart and yes he can be moody but so can I so that's when we both know to be quiet and let it pass not to take it out on one another...

For it is easier to leave everything as it is and suffer than to take a decision that will cut this Gordian knot.

Cancer man also suffers due to lack of agreement within the family.

If they want you, they will make you feel like you are the only person in their world until they have you were they want you and then they will destroy you little by little.

Cancer men are not good husbands to Libra woman (they are jealous of them)shouldn't comment lol in any case I think you guy had problems with respect and morality that is a human trait ,.what was said about cancer men is not tru,.a cancer man , im selfless I live for people ,.are nurturing sign we take care of people we love and more considerate then most signs so this sounds a bit inaccurate or case of duality maybe , most definitely off-putting ,..regardless the sign no woman would talk of me like this and im a cancer man so ,.... I have truest issues due to my pasy relationship; nevertheless, this cancer man managed to make me fall for him.

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