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I ended the meeting, waited until I walked out and burst into tears.

I was still pumping three times a day at work at that point.

But then there were some major office changes and we were told we would be put into a group room with three other employees, some males.

When I asked my boss and the woman in charge of office space where I would pump they said well we don’t have a space.

There is a lot of pressure on new mom’s to do things certain ways.

And the right way varies depending on who you talk to. I’m writing this blog post to hopefully provide some encouragement and validation to new mom’s.

The more I talked to other women at work and online and in my life the more stories I was told about women being told there would be no accommodations made for them to pump at work. Why as a society do we not empower women to feed their children in any way they want instead of making it impossible for them to do so without it being a battle?

I was angry and stressed and hormonal and I also knew it was illegal.

That my breast-feeding journey became this spectacle and source of gossip at work.

The whole experience was incredibly eye-opening for me.

So then I had to set up meetings with human resources and our executive director.

I couldn’t believe that the three men I spoke to (while crying) about my whole experience were more understanding and more willing to help me than the two women.

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