Dating fender guitars japan

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Most Floyd Rose bridge designs have two pivot screw cutaways that are limited to the width of the pivot screws, and these will not fit the System 1 pivot screw spacing.

Some models exported to UK were fitted with Kahler Traditional Series tremolos, stamped "Made in the USA", and supplied with the American Precision Metal Works, Inc. The pickups used in the Contemporary models were manufactured by Fujigen.

There are also Fender Contemporary Telecaster models with HSS or HH pickup configurations and switches for selecting pickup options.

The Fender Contemporary Telecaster models used the same tremolo systems as the Fender Contemporary Stratocaster models.

Mid–1997 the CIJ logo was the only one used on Fender guitars coming out of Japan (with exception the Squire series). I really don’t know, but the MIJ logo Fenders were for the USA market.

USA Fender wanted to stop the import of these guitars to the USA due to firing up their Mexican plant and due to the “too good” quality Japan was creating which competed with the USA models.

Instead,in 1986 several have serial numbers beginning with A, B, C, E or F followed by six numerals,( e.g.All of the pickups used on the Contemporary models have alnico magnets instead of ceramic.The humbucking pickups used in the Contemporary models have a DC resistance which is approximately 7.6 kilohms.The slightly wider pivot screw spacing of the System 1 bridge needs a Floyd Rose licensed bridge design with one pivot screw cutaway that extends to the edge of the bridge allowing the Floyd Rose licensed bridge to mount onto the System 1 pivot screws.This configuration is most common in a "Floyd Rose Gotoh" bridge.

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