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The different ethnic groups were separated from one another by the dense forest and remained intact.

Most Gabonese speak at least two languages, as each ethnic group has its own language as well. The Gabonese flag is made of three horizontal stripes: green, yellow, and blue.

The French obtained control inland and stymied the Fang migration, thus concentrating them in the north.

In 1866, the French appointed a governor with the approval of the Myene leader. There are no major conflicts between the groups in Gabon, and intermarriage is common. Many groups spill over the borders into the neighboring countries.

The Fang, for example, inhabit northern Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, southern Cameroon, and the western part of the Republic of Congo.

The cultures of the ethnic groups are akin to other groups in Central Africa, and center around the rain forest and its treasures.

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