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Some of the highly enhanced new features of the current version include adding gauge and funnel views, enhanced prompts and level selections, and so on.

(A few key features of BI Office are listed below.) With BI Office you can: In this tutorial, you learn how to install and configure BI Office

(Observe the highlighted line in the file, which defines the URL for the Presentation Services.) You create the connection in the BI Office client in the next step.

Note: MS Office 2007 has an entirely new UI, the most notable of which is the tabbed tool bar, Office Ribbon (see the screenshot above).

Also, in this case, the presentations or workbooks will be saved in the Office 2003 format.

Note: To import reports from the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) repository into Excel, you must use the BI Publisher Analyzer for Excel.

Both these Add-Ins—BI Office Add-In for Excel and BI Publisher Analyzer for Excel—can coexist.

For more information about BI Publisher Analyzer for Excel, see the Install Shield Wizard appears. Net Framework 2.0 is required for the BI Office client. Typical performs an installation for both Excel and Power Point Add-Ins to C:\Program Files\Oracle\BIOffice.

However, in this instance, you have to exit Excel once, so that the connection information is reflected in Power Point. Now that you have successfully installed the BI Office client and configured the connections, you are ready to start using the BI Office Add-Ins.If it is not installed on your computer, you are prompted to exit and install Microsoft . Custom enables you to select the install directory and choose the components to install.Select Typical as the installation type, and click Next.file, which contains critical information used by the client to connect to Presentation Services.Back to Topic List Microsoft Office 2007 Note: This tutorial uses Microsoft Office 2007.However, if you are using MS Office 2003, you can still follow the instructions in this tutorial, but the screens will differ.

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