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By 1995, Agent had expanded to become a full-featured email client and remains a widely used application for integrating news and email communication on Windows. Agent's Usenet features include access to multiple news servers, import/export of NZB files, threaded discussions and a highly configurable user interface It has long supported y Enc as well as many other coding schemes, and has the capability of joining incomplete binary attachments, which is useful in the event of posting errors.

In the past a free version was offered alongside the commercial one.

Forté Agent is an email and Usenet news client used on the Windows operating system.

Agent was conceived, designed and developed by Mark Sidell and the team at Forté Internet Software in 1994 to address the need for an online/offline newsreader which capitalized on the emerging Windows GUI framework.

Forte Agent is the most powerful email and news reader software to connect and manage multiple email accounts and multiple news servers simultaneously.

It allows user to connect, send and receive email with multiple POP accounts and multiple SMTP servers., protect and personalize your identity, and automate access to all news servers at once.

Now you can select, download and view large Usenet binaries with just a single click.

Agent will download, join, and repair your binaries without requiring any 3rd party software.

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In 2000, Alcatel sold Forte's Consumer Software Group to Charles Dazler Knuff.

Because of these problems, we have changed the default to Save and remove from message.

This, together with the default option After saving an attachment, remove it from the message should improve performance and help prevent Agent's folders from filling up.

On modern servers retrieval by Message-ID has become more efficient and reliable, so we have made this the new default for body retrieval.

Improved Saving of Attachments Previously, when Agent detected an error in a binary attachment, its default action was to save the attachment but also keep a copy of the file in the message stored in Agent's folder. First, it could cause a folder to fill up if it contained a large number of messages with damaged attachments.

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