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The event wasn’t firing twice for the same list, it was firing for ALL Lists.

I took another look at my event receiver I had added via Visual Studio to the project.

I am able to fire an Event using an Event receiver which I created using Visual Studio 2010 on a custom list.

I tried to debug the code and I saw that the Item Added event was getting executed twice.

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If yes, then deactivate the feature and delete the duplicate receiver.

The handler simply creates a task in the Tasks list corresponding to the new item added to the custom list.Then, created a new feature and event receiver from scratch and deployed it.Still, it was getting registered twice instead of once.vti_sourcecontrolcheckedoutby in the before and after properties is always null during my actual updates so I can just check that. Users will not interfere with the operation of any official help boards, chats, or other services, or impede the ability of Adult Chat Net employees or moderators to perform their duties. Users will not utilize any hacking or chat exploiting tools. Users will not publicly display personal information such as instant messaging identifications, phone numbers and addresses. Sex chat room discussion will be held in private and not made for public consumption. Users will not not engage in "cyber" activity with other users in public. Users will not solicit credit card numbers for goods or services, nor engage in any commercial activity on the Service which Adult Chat Net has not expressly, and previously authorized. Users will not ask any other individuals for personal information. Users will not create obscene, profane, threatening, defamatory, or hateful user screen names, room names, topic names, welcome messages, or comments in any area of the Service. Users will not solicit for advertisers or sponsors. Users will not display advertising or sponsorships of any kind on Adult Chat Net message boards or in other service areas, including banners that are generated by banner or link exchange services, with the sole exception of those placed there by Adult Chat Net or its affiliates 9.

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