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"There is no way I am settling any agreement with that bitch." "Lisa, we discussed this a hundred times. We have affidavits from numerous employees who witnessed her mistreatment." She paused for a moment then continued, "Jack, are you ready to commit perjury, when I call you the stand." Michael interjected, "no need for that.If you don't comply, their discovery will go through all of our books and that could lead to lots tax trouble for us." Jack conveyed. Aside from spousal privilege, we agree to the harassment.

I am really sorry for all that I have said and done."She also told me the nose stud I got was demeaning. I was thinking something quite drastic or in stages for each Monday.Maybe a big hoop right through her septum would be shameful enough." Lisa touched her nose subconsciously. Let's start with a sculpted pixie, and we can go from there each week." Lisa's temper rose again. But there is no way I am going to a barbershop full of men to get a drastic haircut." Virginia had been sitting quietly taking notes but now she spoke, "Sarah has made this haircut the priority, non-negotiable part of the deal.On Monday wear your leather mini with a white button down blouse and a pair of knee high boots. She went about her business on Saturday not giving much thought to Monday.Make sure to show your boobs, and you can choose your underwear. On Sunday night she and Jack went to Diamani, one of their restaurants, for dinner.

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