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In this case, you want the person to grant you access to view their private Facebook account.

Before you make things too complicated, the first and easiest way to access someone’s private Facebook profile is to simply send them a message and hope they reply.

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Those sort of activities got me into a lot of trouble in high school, and certainly banned from the high school computer lab once or twice.

Obviously the first option won’t help you much right now.

However, you can use the second option, “send a message,” to work your way into the person’s private Facebook account. Well, Facebook’s help section states that anyone who you add as a friend This next approach makes use of of a form of social engineering called, “demand characteristics.” This is where you set up a group situation where the person adds you as a friend just to “go with the flow” because everyone else has.

You should also make note of at least 20 or so of the other friends on her list.

Next, go to Facebook’s main page and sign up using the same exact name of the friend you found without an image.

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