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Sometimes it's FOMOS, fear of missing out on sex. So many of us believe what magazines put on their covers, that our sex lives are somehow flawed and they need to be corrected.

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I'm not talking about assault, but other sort of sex acts that maybe he's maybe not supposed to be doing. I have been doing Free Sex Advice for seven years, and I've been doing sexuality education for 17.

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With a masters in public health from Columbia University and a resume that includes the United Nations, Planned Parenthood and Durex, Ramirez is especially equipped to offer his brand of #Free Sex Advice to anyone who needs it.

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And plenty of us do, too embarrassed to ask our friends or It varies more than most people would think. A millionaire philanthropist stopped by five days ago — followed by someone who had been living homeless for the last two years. Particularly the number of grown-ass men that sit down and share something that they'd never shared with anyone before.

I do see a lot of people ages 16 to 20, but only slightly. I see a lot of families or people bringing their children. Face-to-face is a different kind of interface, but people are still comfortable. It's about humans' ability to drop pretenses and kind of take risks.

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