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Some are worse for you than others, though Sugar is not always conveniently labelled as “sugar” in a food product’s ingredients list.

It is a growing site that has around 40,000 members.

Lee Gross is most well known for helping to launch M Cafe, LA’s premier macrobiotic eatery, and (maybe even more so) for being Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal chef during her macro days. Be grateful of any food you have in front of you, and eat with appreciation for the farmer, the cook, and the earth.

My health has been restored and I have been in complete remission for the past 16 months from Lyme Disease, parasites, Candida, EBV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. If you like this article please feel free to share it! Make the best, healthiest choices you can in any situation, but don’t stress yourself out.

He has been a contributor to National Public Radio and WNYC's "Soundcheck" as a jazz critic.

He plays rock, funk, and jazz in the bars and clubs in and near the nation's capital.

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