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Apparently his eyebrows were frozen in the raised position."Yes, it is a dating service, and the main draw to these men is their money.As a matter of fact, this isn’t the conventional run-off-the-mill dating site that is made for the masses.The website is exclusive and this is evident from the subscription options. Furthermore, becoming a member of this site isn’t every person’s cup of tea, owing to its strenuous filtering process.This means your chances of becoming a member of this site aren’t great unless you have a lot of money and are influential.

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Even when we started dating, I knew I was taking a chance with breaking my never-date-an-actor rule; but maybe this guy wouldn't be as moody, self-absorbed and tortured as the rest of his movie-star pals. "Dating service for the discerning, successful gentleman..." It was a large display ad, with a picture of two lovely gentlemen smiling at each other over glasses of wine. " I showed Langston the ad."'Gay Millionaires Club,'" he proceeded to read aloud. I am not 25, and while my impeccable taste and keen sense of style may create an illusion otherwise, I do not have a million dollars.""You could lie and say you were young enough.""Just so I could go on a date with one of those old men who you know are ugly as sin? He arched his eyebrows at me as he stirred something into his fancy blended latte.It is worth mentioning that Millionaires Club123takes a rather professional approach to the idea of online millionaire dating by giving access to all the critical resources that should increase your chances of finding a companion online.While you might think this is a traditional approach and nothing out of the box, it is well – implemented and works to perfection.It's no different from hiring a therapist to help you with your problems.This problem is just a very specific one."Langston looked at me incredulously.

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