Newlywed dating game questions

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Complete this sentence: I wish my husband would stop...

If my husband went out of town on a business trip, the first thing I would do is... If you asked your husband to cook dinner one evening, what dish would he prepare?

The grand prize would include appliace showcase, home entertainment showcase, trailer, motorcycles, vacation showcase but never a car nor cash. How long does it take her to get to work in the morning? Where will your wife say she had the best vacation with you?

Arrange the chairs so that they are facing away from each other. The bride will take one of the groom’s shoes and the groom will take one of the bride’s shoes. The DJ or master of ceremonies will have a list of questions to ask the newlyweds. The Newlywed Game helps in gaining the insight about your partner.It’s a perfect way to know about each other and at the same time, it also helps you understand, how well you know your partner. While it can be very entertaining for the guests, after a while they will want to partake in an activity that they can actively participate in such as dancing or eating. Or they might just want to see you move onto the next event whether it is cutting the cake or watching a performance.

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