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She’s a wonderful and impressive person…and she’s simply not available.The truth is, Rachael, guys don’t care all that much about your resume.They care about your physical and emotional availability.Most men would sacrifice a “10” who could see them once a week for an “8” who could talk every day and get together three or four nights a week Just because some women (including your Mom) are willing to marry men in the military, professional athletes, politicians, traveling salesmen, and night workers, doesn’t mean that many men would be amenable to the same arrangement.Or…choose a different job that allows you to be more available.This is honestly no different than any other dating dilemma that comes up for men and women.Or they didn’t have time to plan to meet new men for drinks every weekend. She’s cute, she’s bright, she’s interested…and she hasn’t responded to your email in three days.Or they didn’t have the time to keep a dialogue afloat amidst their other travels, hobbies and work obligations. She’s kind, she’s interesting, she’s relationship-oriented…and she doesn’t have time to see you again until next Thursday.

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Or they didn’t have the time to respond to men who wrote.

Or they didn’t respond to the men who wrote quickly enough.

Or they didn’t make time to talk to men on the phone to screen them.

The woman who says she’s never dating online but wants to meet a man?

The guy who thinks that he shouldn’t have to pick up the first check?

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