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As discussed further below, Anatole de Barthlemy uses this document as part of his argument for identifying Guillaume Comte de Blois as the father of Robert "le Fort".However, "avunculus" in its strict sense indicates "maternal uncle" and, while the terms "patruus" (paternal uncle) and "avunculus" (maternal uncle) are frequently used interchangeably in contemporary primary source documentation, it is possible that the relationship was through a sister of the two brothers Eudes Comte d Orlans and Guillaume Comte de Blois, who could have been the mother of Robert "le Fort".If this is correct, he would have been "le Fort", son of --- & his wife ---.It should be emphasised that this hypothesis is speculative.Robert's brother Pierre married the heiress of the seigneurie de Courtenay (see CHAMPAGNE - SENS & JOIGNY), although his most prominent descendants were Latin emperors of Constantinople from 1216 until 1261 (see CONSTANTINOPLE LATIN EMPIRE).Robert, younger son of Louis VIII King of France, was installed as comte d'Artois in 1237, his descendants ruling the county until 1329 (see NORTHERN FRANCE - ARTOIS, BOULOGNE etc.), as well as the county of Eu from 1351 to 1472 (see NORMANDY - ARQUES, AUMLE, CAUX, EU, ROUEN).However, one of the intriguing puzzles remains its origin, discussed below under Robert "le Fort".Doubt also remains about the origin of the wives of four heads of the family in the 9th and 10th centuries, including three Capetian kings: the wives of Robert "le Fort" (died 866), King Eudes (died 898), King Robert I (died 923), and King Hugues "Capet" (died 996). The younger branches of the dynasty quickly expanded their political influence across Europe.

An unspecific Franconian origin is favoured by the Annales Xantenses which name him Ruodbertusortus de Francia, dux Karoli when recording his death.

Robert, son of Louis VI King of France, was installed as Seigneur de Dreux in 1152 and his descendants in the male line ruled as Comtes de Dreux et de Braine from 1184 until [1355], the two counties being sold to the French crown in 1377 (see PARIS REGION - DREUX & MANTES).

The line of Dreux also provided dukes of Brittany from 1213 until 1514, when the duchy fell to the French crown (see BRITTANY DUKES).

The author in question may have assumed that Robert was a unique name among noblemen in France in the first half of the 9th century, although this ignores Robert (see the document CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY).

The timing of the supposed arrival of Robert from Franconia, assuming that the co-identity is correct, is not ideal either.

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