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Don't restart your computer while it's starting up if it's taking a minute longer than you're used to - you might end up making the situation worse.See my How To Fix Problems Caused by Windows Updates tutorial for help.Updates that aren't security related usually fix problems with or enable new features in, Windows and other Microsoft software. Yes, you can change this or that setting to put them off a bit, but there's no way to keep them from installing.Prior to Windows 10, however, you could choose to not install updates at all, but I certainly don't recommend that you do that.I tried placing the file in %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSVOL\domain a logon script, Logon.bat, and place it in the NETLOGON share on the domain controller. It allows much greater flexibility than what you are trying to use and it's fairly easy to understand and utilize. net use lpt1: //servername/sharename for updating the virusscanner, I should first know what kind of virusscanner you're using, but I think it would be easier to just set them all to automatically update.The default location of the NETLOGON share is C:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol\ In the user profile settings, don't list the C:\... The system knows the location of the Netlogon share and will look there for the bat file. you specified that the logon script is on the local computer, whereas you want it on the domain controller. Luc F Normally you should ask your own question and not ask your question in another persons question as it's kind of rude, but in this case I'm sure you allready know the answer yourself which is: Yes, it clears the mapping.Hi I am trying to setup a logon script so a when a user log's on he will have 5 mapped network drives.When I googled on how to do this it seems like I need to setup a batch file first.

So, instead of trying to answer them all individually every time they pop up, here's a really big page of Q&A's that should help out.

Often times, a computer itself is just as valuable as the information on it.

If a hacker is able to silently install a certain kind of program on your computer, you could become one more computer among millions of other drone computers, doing the bidding of their master.

This is often how high profile business and governmental websites are taken down.

So while it might be annoying to install a pile of updates once per month, it really is important that you do.

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