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It was at Saru that the ashes of the youthful hero, Sohraub, were deposited by his father, Roostum, after he had unwittingly slayed Sohrab in a hand-to-hand battle.Saru is celebrated for its abundance of gardens, which emit a pleasing fragrance in the vernal and summer months.In the seventh century, Farrukhan the Great of the Dabuyid dynasty reconstructed the city, and because his son's name was "Sarouyeh", he called it by this name.Sari once again became the capital of Tabaristan during that century (Amol was the capital previously ).Mazandaran alongside neighboring Gilan were subsequently settled during Abbas' reign by large amounts of Georgians, Circassians, Armenians and other peoples of the Caucasus, whose descendants still live across Mazandaran.Still many towns, villages and neighbourhoods in Mazandaran bear the name "Gorji" (i.e.The Muslim historian Hamdollah Mostowfi attributes the foundation of Sari to king Tahmoures Divband of the Pishdadian Dynasty.

Qa'emshahr (formerly known as Shahi) is to its south-west, Juybar is to its north-west, and Kiasar, Damghan, and Semnan are cities located to the south.

Major developments took place after the Qajar dynasty.

During the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the face of the town was changed drastically.

Georgian) in them, although most of the Georgians are already assimilated into the mainstream Mazanderanis.

After the Safavid dynasty fell and until the rise of Agha Mohammad Khan to power there, is no evidence of any notable events in Sari.

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