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tour will include stops in 27 different cities throughout the U.

S, with international tour dates to be announced later.

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But as with any work of abstract art crafted by a wild and violent master, there are a couple lenses through which one can interpret Taylor Swift's romantic past. Is she a witch whose sleep two teenage sweethearts disturbed one night while driving up to Lovers Lane?

Here’s more information on using the Taylor Swift Tix and how to make sure you are ready to purchase tickets.

*dates for United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand to be announced later!

"Cause my baby’s fit like a daydream Walking with his head down I’m the one he’s walking to So call it what you want yeah, call it what you want to My baby’s fly like a jet stream High above the whole scene Loves me like I’m brand new So call it what you want yeah, call it what you want to." Not to mention she may or may not be referencing "Love Story" in some lyrics. Swift also shared some unseen moments from her very elusive life this past year.

She sings, "Holding my breath, slowly I said / 'You don’t need to save me / But would you run away with me? She sips wine, paints a little, plays the guitar, hangs out with her mom's dog and, of course, looks adorable AF the whole time.

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