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Because of this, people in Cascadia need to look elsewhere for guidance about tsunami survival.Perhaps the most basic guidance for people in Cascadia comes from the account on the following page.

Others faced the tsunami many hours later in Hawaii and Japan.During the 1960 Chile earthquake, the western margin of the South American Plate lurched as much as 60 feet relative to the subducting Nazca Plate, in an area 600 miles long and more than 100 miles wide.Vertical Slice Through a Subduction Zone One of the many tectonic plates that make up Earth’s outer shell descends, or “subducts,” under an adjacent plate.This movement goes on for decades or centuries, slowly building up stress. During an Earthquake An earthquake along a subduction zone happens when the leading edge of the overriding plate breaks free and springs seaward, raising the sea floor and the water above it. Meanwhile, the bulge behind the leading edge collapses, thinning the plate and lowering coastal areas.Some areas around the margin of the Pacific Ocean are located near subduction zones similar to the one that produced the 1960 Chile earthquake and its tsunami.

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