When love really hurts dating violence curriculum

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You are helping a lot of people (myself included) who grew up in the cult known as IFB. My site, Tip of the Tongue Theology, was primarily started to spread healthy theological discussion, unlike my past experiences. Galatians -26 clearly explains the difference between the works of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit. In regards to sinful anger, 1 John 1:9 tells us that God is faithful and just to forgive us for our sins.I am still in contact with a few of the kids from my church and school from childhood and we are all scarred by certain things. IFB leaders, or rather, KJV Onlyists are known for their rabid anger when screaming and pounding the pulpit during their version of services. Remember, Jesus also paid for every sin on Calvary's cross, including sinful anger.” Would God leave us because of where we choose to LIVE?? “the pastor is to rule the church as the minister of Christ…hence the church is governed by Christ through His written word being administered by His appointed overseer, the PASTOR”…..that’s just fancy wording for THE PASTOR RUNS THE CHURCH.of story. Funny how he would brag that he, like Paul was “chief of sinners”..well, if you’re a sinner like us lowly sheep, how come you have absolutely no checks & balances set up to make sure that you don’t become corrupted with power & narcissism? that to leave that *church* would be leaving the kingdom of God & the body of Christ. I did not want to go to hell, but in my opinion, going to this chruch was hell, so I refused to go back.Pastor coldly informed us that he couldn’t be there for us if/when God would choose to judge us for moving back to our home state! what about the Holy spirit leading us & the priesthood of believers? ………& not some lame answer of the pastor is accountable to God & the scriptures…. In addition, it was implied that God might kill us for the decision to walk away from that group. Then when I was 27 or so, i was curious and thirsty for God, and so I started going to a southern Baptist church which turned me back on because they were not legalistic and taught me about a true relationship with God and that it is what’s in the heart that matters, not all the ridiculous man-made rules and “religiousness” that goes on in the Fundamental type churches.

We have attended services there on Easter to show her our support and that she has family that cares about her. I needed to be baptised yet again, by one of *their* properly ordained preachers…( I listened to tapes from a tape ministry of that “church” that I got in college. hard to believe, but it’s true) I was told I was saved by grace…. since being baptised by *the properly ordained preacher*, I was now a member of *their church* = the *true church*, which had the true faith & practice. I was living in one state & my LOCAL church was in ANOTHER STATE????? Yet, I thought that all God requires is “to do justly, love mercy & walk humbly w/ thy God”?? Let’s thank God for all our lives, & let’s thank God for forgiveness.” No-one feels the sorrow if they’re only getting caught. When you preach of sin & caution, God will block you when you run. My daughter and her husband are moving to Knoxville to join an IFBC church--Temple Baptist Church.

For disagreeing w/ pastor & his man-made doctrines? upon exiting abusive cult church, people who knew me for some 19 years have turned their backs on us…are shunned. “visiting the fatherless & widows…is religion pure & undefiled”. I have also discovered over the years that denominationalism is idolatry, and 99% of these fundamental Baptist believers are very haughty and prideful in the fact that they are part of this “elect” group of believers, and very proud of being a “Baptist” and you will be a whole lot more likely to hear them say this than to humbly say they are proud to be a “Christian” or “Child of God”….

Pastor was judge, jury & executioner of us & our characters. We gave up so much of our lives for that group….cruelty & betrayal describes what we experienced, in addition to other adjectives I wont bring up right now. BUT…the pulpit *pastor* screamed “anyone is FREE TO LEAVE this church!!!! was put under the law in ways that the Catholic church I grew up in NEVER DARED. The religion I was in for some 19 years had NO FREEDOM, it was BONDAGE. All of what I was told WASN’T ABOUT GOD OR HIS GRACE it was about a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM & putting my family & I in BONDAGE. Hatred in the world, but promise on the board; ‘Trust, & find peace in the Lord.’ “The Spirit is alive – amen! They do not like to be around people who are not part of their elect group either, which is also not scriptural.

Don’t abusers try to seperate you from your support system? pastor informed me that if I was unhappy being in the “true church” & leave, they, (meaning the people in the *true church*) would “wash their hands of us”.(meaning cut us off from “fellowship”/friendship)……quite a frightening proposition considering we relocated to this state for that *church/cult* & the majority of people we knew were in the *church*! that if we wanted to move back to our homestate, that was something the *pastor* could not condone. ” Jeanny leaps up from her chair, Saved by her ‘salvation prayer.’ “This is your new family – welcome to a life set free.” “The Spirit is alive – amen! They do this all in the name of what they interpret to be “God’s true old-fashioned way”….

Our lives were a blip on a screen to them…they had no idea what it was like to MOVE YOUR LIFE for a group of people who were just too busy w/ their lives to make time for you. Obviously this was meant to scare us, manipulate us into not leaving the “true church”….if anyone can? You see, we didn’t feel love or much true friendship after moving here for the “true church”. thus they stick to the KJV of the bible, as they believe old-fashioned is the best and most right way to be a “Christian”.

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