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Intel, NVidia and AMD update their display drivers pretty frequently, and like any Direct3D video game, Sichbo PVR is also susceptible to changes in display driver behaviour.What's worse is sometimes NEW drivers break things - go figure.If you have a firewall, you also need to unblock Sichbo You can use Setup Most likely your antenna signal is too weak.

First step Disable to all PVR Client: Go to Kodi Menu “SYSTEM-Settings-Add-ons-Enabled Add-ons-PVR Clients”Download: Addon project has been stopped, configure to IPTV Simple Client using the above URLs.

Final configure to IPTV Simple Client Addon choose to path of downloaded EPG data, If you have any issue about EPG time shift you have to set to your time zone and “Apply Time Shift to All Channels”. System / Settings / Live TV / General / Reset The PVR Database.

If you want use to multiple sources, addon already merging and saving all epg data to merged_file into the selected folder on your download location.

Although you can manually specify logos inside Sichbo PVR, please make an effort to contribute to the picons project so that all Sichbo PVR users can benefit.

Contributing is easy, commit your svg or png logo according to the project guidelines, including and adding an ID entry to the picons srindex file.

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