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The temperature exponents were calculated for every mentioned line. In this research we show that the HITRAN-2008 data for H) is reasonably good.

Extensive line lists are provided for the Earth and Titan atmosphere temperature ranges. The HITRAN data was tested with independent calculation (ab initio et al.).

Calculations of nitrogen-broadening coefficients and their temperature exponents for methyl cyanide lines at the room temperature using semi-empirical method are presented.

They were performed for wide ranges of rotational quantum numbers J and K requested for atmospheric applications: J from 0 till 70 and K from 0 till 20. Dudaryonok The quality of the spectroscopic line parameters from the HITRAN Database for remote sensing of the water vapour isotopic composition of the atmosphere is widely discussed.

are performed in the range of pure rotational and vibrational-rotational transitions at T = 300 K and T = 1000 K temperatures.

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Is present a detailed description of techniques for processing the primary experimental data. The diagonalization of the effective rotational Hamiltonian, approximated by Pade-Borel method, is applied to obtain the eigenvectors.Usually the halfwidths obtained for only one band is extrapolated to other vibrational bands. Lozhkomoev The paper presents results of evaluation of size of aerogel pores, synthesized by the sol-gel method without the use of supercritical drying. Development of a metadata component was made based on an analysis of data of surface meteorological observations, atmosphere vertical sounding, atmosphere wind sounding, weather radar observing, observations from satellites and others.Indeed, in the case of low-lying states the vibrational amplitudes are usually small in comparison to the equilibrium distances between the atoms. The aerogel framework was formed by alumina nanosheets and silica spherical particles. A common set of metadata components was formed for their general description.Data on the energy levels and vacuum wavenumbers acquired from the published literature are presented in the form of information sources imported into the [email protected] information system.Sets of quantum numbers and labels used to describe the CHOH molecular states are analyzed.

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